About me

I am a design architect based in Bern, Switzerland. My qualifications include a post-graduate degree in architecture (B.Arch) from the University of Cape Town and a Bachelor of Architectural Studies and Diploma in Datametrics (Information Technology).

My career has made a detour through software engineering but I have returned again to architecture, with the focus on design and visualisation work for competitions. 

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Porto Art School

Site Visualisations


Interior Perspectives



porto plan



Porto 7 081b - rendered elevation
West elevation showing restaurant opening out onto public square


Porto 10 083 north elevation
North elevation facing main street. Studio windows allows northern light and park views.


Porto 11 083 south elevation - picture
South elevation showing bar opening to secondary public space.


S-03 Building Section
section S-03
S-01 Building Section
section S-01
S-02 Building Section
section S-02

Design Sketches


2017 Competition entry for Porto Art School. Site is next to Porto Photography Museum and adjacent public square.

On ground floor the building accommodates an entrance foyer, offices, a restaurant and bar.  On the first floor there are 2 large North-facing studios and the basement accommodates lecture theatres, an exhibition space, services, lockers and storage.

The design endeavours to enrich the public space by adding social functionality and by setting up relationships with the historic landmarks around it.

Frauenfeld Hallenbad

North-west View

Interior View


Construction Section


Ground Floor Plan

Basement Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Architectural Photography

Photographs in Swiss Sensibility the Culture of Architecture in Switzerland, Anna Roos, published by Birkhäuser

Bauen Mit Feingefühl



 Photographs in Images of Architecture, Valerio Olgiati

2 of my photographs were chosen as inspirational images by Peter Zumthor for the book.